When traveling to Niš by an airplane, you can choose to arrive in one of three airports close to Niš:

  1. Niš Constantine The Great Airport
    If you manage to find a flight arriving at this airport, it would definitely be the best option for you, since the airport is only 15-20 minutes away from the city center by bus and 10 minutes by a taxi. The price of the bus ticket is 0.5€ and the price of the taxi fare is around 2.5€.

  2. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
    When you arrive to the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, you will have to go to the Belgrade Bus or Railway Station (they are next to each other), in order to reach Niš. To do so, you can take a bus which will take around 40 minutes and will cost 2.5€. You can also travel by a taxi which will take around 20 minutes but will cost significantly more - 20€ to 30€. When you arrive at the Belgrade Bus Station, you will easily find a bus going to Niš since they are quite regular, departing Belgrade every hour or so. The price of the return bus ticket is around 13€ and the trip lasts 3 hours. If you choose to travel by train, the price of the return ticket will be cheaper (10€) but the   trip will be 5 hours long. We strongly recommend using the bus.

  3. Sofia Airport
    Even though it’s located in Bulgaria, Sofia airport is also a good destination if you choose to travel by an airplane. You will also have to reach Sofia Bus Station by metro, bus, or a taxi. Afterwards, the bus ride from Sofia to Niš lasts about 4 hours (depending on how much time you spend on the border) and a one-way ticket will cost you 12€.


  1. Niš Bus Station – This will be the final arrival point for the most of your traveling options. The station is located 10-15 minutes from the city center by foot

  2. Belgrade Bus Station – If you arrive in Belgrade and need to catch a bus to Niš, follow the instructions mentioned above in the „ARRIVING BY PLANE“ section.
  3. Sofia Bus Station - Previously mentioned, the bus from Sofia to Niš departs twice a day   from the Central Bus Station in Sofia
  • 7:30 ("MATPU 96" Sofia buses)
  • 16:00 ("Niš-ekspres" Niš buses),

*Pay attention to local Bulgarian time which is different from Serbian (GTM+2).

The bus ride lasts for about 4 hours (depending on the waiting at the border) and costs around 12€.



1)  Niš Railway Station – This station is located 5-10 minutes from the city centre by a bus. Every bus from the Railway Station will take you to the city centre for a fee of 0.5€. You can also choose to take a taxi which will cost less than/around 2€.

2)  Belgrade Railway Station – If you arrive in Belgrade by a train, we still recommend using a bus to get to Niš. The price of the return ticket will be cheaper (10€) but the  trip will be 5 hours long. Bus departures are much more frequent and the trip is a lot shorter and more comfortable.

3) Sofia Railway Station - Should you decide to board a train in Sofia, it runs at least twice a

day at 11:40 (Coming from Istanbul) and 21:20.



“Blabla” is a ride-sharing service. If you are interested in this way if transportation, visit to see if there are any rides available to Niš. Most of the rides will be available 3 days prior to your trip, some of them even the same date as your arrival. Regarding prices - for example from Sofia to Niš, ride in one direction usually costs around 6e. If you decide to use “Blabla car” be aware that sometimes cancellations occur and it is not the safest option. Also, please use the link provided here even though it is in Serbian, because if you switch it to an English version, you will not be able to find the rides you need.