College of Applied Technical Sciences in Nis (VTS Nis), as a leader in higher vocational education is sincerely committed to development and continual improvement of the quality policy in all segments of its work. The basic prerequisite for attaining goals is to open the institution to research, development and innovations, in terms of curriculum development, teaching process improvement, as well as the enhancement of functioning of the institution  and strenghtening the position of higher education in society in general.

Dedicated to students and their professional development, VTS Nis adopted the strategy of internationalization based on the publicly proclaimed mission and vision of the institution.

Vision: students and professors are standing shoulder to shoulder with their colleagues from Europe and worldwide in an equal exchange of knowledge, skills and resources.

Mission: co-ordinating and assisting the implementation of both joint and individual international projects for the teaching staff and students; encouraging joint projects, applying for international projects, bridging the language and cultural barriers; offering up-to-date information to the teaching staff, administrative staff and students regarding new trends in higher education both in Europe and across the world; establishing direct contacts with higher education institutions, first in the region, and then throughout Europe, in view of making conditions for signing bilateral agreements that are a prerequisite for staff and student mobility.

Finally, to establish quality and then to secure its sustainability, VTS Nis  takes permanent care of the self-evaluation process and the changes in the quality of education. We are all an integral part of the self-evaluation process: those who directly participate in the teaching process, as well as those whose task is to secure elementary conditions necessary for the unhindered continuation of the teaching process. Hence, the process of self-evaluation encompasses students, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, and the management of VTS Nis.