Niš is a small city in the south of the beautiful country Serbia, and everyone who visits it absolutely falls in love with our tradition and people. People are friendly, and their hospitality is well known. The food is delicious and cheap, no one leaves Niš with an empty stomach and a backpack full of goods to share when gets home. You can never meet a person from Niš and dislike them, they have a way to get under your skin and you will always want to come back. “Nišlije” (as they are called in Serbia) love partying, chilling with friends, and they absolutely LOVE drinking coffee! Every day is Sunday here! But what they are most famous for is their passion for sports. You can always find a street basketball or football game. If you ask anyone from Niš they will tell you with absolute certainty that they know every sport and that they can beat you for sure at it. The sound of cheering is always there, and it is the spirit of this people that will get you in the mood for anything.