We’ve previously described Niš as a town of great historical importance stretching from Roman Empire to the end of the 20th century. But, if you’re not a history not, don’t worry, Niš is still full of activities you can enjoy if you just want to have fun or relax.

Tinker’s Alley

Drinking coffee is probably the biggest cultural phenomenon in Niš. Wherever you go, literally, you will find a coffee shop to satisfy your thirst. But, drinking coffee in Niš is not about getting some extra energy or starting your day. It’s more of a social custom, which is why when you walk through the city center you will see it filled with packed coffee shops. However, the Tinker’s Alley is the most famous coffee shop street. This is by far the most favorite place for going out in Niš. All the coffee shops have gardens so you will be able to enjoy the nice spring weather while drinking your favorite type of coffee.

Beautiful Picnic Spots

Even though it is the third biggest city in Serbia, Niš is surrounded by amazing nature and perfect picnic spots. Furthermore, spring weather in Niš is neither too hot nor chilly, so this would be a great group activity. You can fire up a grill, get some drinks and spend the whole day enjoying the nature. The best spots to do these are Bubanj Memorial Park, Čegar Monument, Niška Banja (Spa of Niš) or the riverside of Nišava.


If you are an adrenaline junkie and are looking for the most exciting thing to do, then head to the Spa of Niš and go all the way up to the hill called Koritnjak. From there you will start your paragliding experience and you will get to enjoy the breath-taking views from above the beautiful thermal Spa of Niš.

Taverns and Clubs

Niš also has a rich nightlife scene. If you like loud music, partying and taking shots you can visit one of many nightclubs in Niš. Depending on the music you like, you can choose different places, but the important thing is, Niš has everything covered – from folk, pop, electronic to hard rock, metal and grunge. However, Niš offers another type of night entertainment – taverns. This is for those who like to have a nice dinner while slowly sipping on rakija (just a friendly recommendation) and enjoy live music. People in taverns are always cheerful and singing together. Now, you probably won’t know many songs, but we promise you’ll feel them.


Riverside of Nišava

We were saving best for last. The Riverside of Nišava is like all the beforementioned things put together. Except for paragliding.  Thousands of young people enjoy the riverside of Nišava every day and night, drinking coffe, beer and even rakija. There’s always someone playing the guitar, and you are more than welcome to join the group singing. It will most oftenly be rock music from ex-Yugoslavian countries, but you can always hear some Bon Jovi hits and of course, Wonderwall. Regardless, if you’re not a good singer (like most of us) you can just enjoy the beautiful river Nišava and enjoy your beer and popcorn.