International Erasmus Games (IEG) is a sport event of ESN International organised by the local section of Erasmus Student Network. Every year, several ESN sections apply to become a host of the next year’s IEG. After the voting round, where the ESN country representatives vote, the host section of the next year’s competition is being chosen. The event is unique as it mobilises local ESN members and their Erasmus students which play for their host country. Every year, IEG counts numerous participants, which can vary up to several hundred.


International Erasmus Games include four main sport disciplines: Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis. Besides these, other disciplines may be added, depending on the host city facilities and conditions.


Until now, IEG was organised three times:

  • Cracow, Poland (2015)

  • Milan, Italy (2016)

  • Porto, Portugal (2017)

After the very exciting voting round,- ESN Niš, got the chance to be the host of the fourth edition of International Erasmus Games in 2018.


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